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Covid-19 update

Although Sudbury Meadow is open to the public as at 30/03/20, please use it with caution.  Keep the recommended 2m from other users and only one person per seat unless you share with close family. Be aware that Covid-19 may remain active on hard surfaces for 2-3 days, so minimize contact with gates latches and seats. Wash hands thoroughly or use hand sanitiser as soon as possible after visiting.

Our work parties have all been cancelled, so we apologies for the site looking rather more overgrown than normal over the coming months. 


Sudbury Meadow is a small conservation site at the eastern end of Crosshall Road, Eaton Ford, St Neots (Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom). Its a great little place to sit for a while, relax and watch the wildlife, just minutes from the busy town centre across the River Great Ouse.

Follow this link for Sudbury Meadow's location on Google Maps.

Sudbury Meadow is open to the public at all times, so you can visit whenever it is convenient. There are two kissing gates (lift the latch or use a radar-key to open the padlock and swing the gate wide open for wheelchairs) giving access to Regatta Meadow and Crosshall Road.   There is a fairly firm circular footpath and also a grassy path around the shrubbery with information boards about the shrubs.

To minimise disturbance to wildlife, we do ask that you keep to the footpaths and keep your dogs on a short lead please. There is a bin by the Crosshall Road entrance which takes dog waste, so please collect up after them.

We always welcome new volunteers! 

Do come along to one of our Work Parties once they resume, to see if you can help.

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