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Contacts & Links

If you wish to become involved and support our project, please call 01480 472624.
We had to remove our direct email link as the address had been used by spammers as a return address for their undelivered spam emails.
However you can create our email address by combining the name alison followed by the symbol for 'at' then .

For other Huntingdonshire District Council green spaces click  here then select 'Leisure and Culture'.


Green space 'Friends' groups in St. Neots include the following:-

Paxton Pits Nature ReserveThe Friends of Paxton Pits

 Priory Park Friends Group - Priory Park Friends Group

You can become a Pal of The Pightle (The Pightle Millennium Green at Eaton Socon) at The Pightle, Eaton Socon