Sudbury Meadow

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Cambridgeshire has been losing its traditional orchards as they are no longer economical.  As a small contribution to the Habitat Action Plan for Orchards, a small, mixed fruit orchard, primarily for the benefit of wildlife has been created.  Where possible, reasonably locally developed varieties have been planted.  However, it is also recognised that disease resistance is important in an orchard that will not be chemically treated, so a few varieties from elsewhere have been included. Twenty two trees were planted although only twenty one are still there. Some were sponsored through the former St Neots Town Council's  Celebration Tree Scheme whilst others were sponsored by individuals.  A notice board was installed in April 2012 and this has details of the trees and their sponsors, as well as a location plan.  For more details of the varieties planted, click here.

Below are views of the orchard taken in spring and autumn 2019.




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