Sudbury Meadow

Bringing Wildlife Closer to Home


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Project Details

Vision statement

"To maintain and where appropriate, improve, the different habitats at Sudbury Meadow for the mutual benefit of wildlife and people for the foreseeable future."

Project objectives


To manage the various habitats within Sudbury Meadow for the benefit of wildlife using organic techniques where possible.


To inform local people of the importance of wildlife within a garden environment, through the wildlife-friendly gardens and by making literature easily available.


To bring the local community together in the management and maintenance of Sudbury Meadow.


To provide a pleasant and safe environment for people to enjoy and learn about the local flora and fauna.

The plan above shows the main areas of Sudbury Meadow before the hedge and poplars next to Crosshall Road were removed (click on the graphic to enlarge). Details of the individual elements are available at the links below or you can download the site Management Plan for lots more information.

The Meadow, shrubbery and boundaries